Maddie Perkin at the World Triathlon Age Group Championships In Hamburg

CorVive Athlete Soars at the World Triathlon Age Group Championships in Hamburg

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PLANO, TX / August 10, 2023 / CorVive, a leading company in the health and wellness industry, is delighted to celebrate the outstanding performance of its sponsored athlete, Maddie Perkins, at the World Triathlon Age Group Championships held in Hamburg, Germany on July 14 & 16, 2023.

The competition, a sprint distance draft legal race, saw Maddie display tremendous skill and endurance across a 750m open water swim, a 20km bike ride, and a 5km run. Maddie secured a remarkable 17th place out of 56 competitors in the 20-24 age group, making her the first American to cross the finish line in this category. Her stellar performance continued in the Mixed Team Relay event, where she helped secure a commendable 4th place.

"We're incredibly proud of Maddie's fantastic achievements at this prestigious championship," said Jeremy Fouts, Founder & CEO of CorVive. "Her dedication, hard work, and commitment to excellence are a testament to her character. We're thrilled that CorVive products have played a pivotal role in her training and overall performance."

Maddie Perkins

As a Division I athlete, Maddie understands the critical role nutrition plays in her regimen. "CorVive products are a massive part of my day-to-day training," Maddie said. "From the NRG I rely on for my bike workouts, to the Hydrate and CBD stick that aid in my recovery, CorVive has been integral to my success. Knowing I can trust the products I use gives me immense confidence in my training and racing. I wouldn't want to use anything other than CorVive!"

Maddie Perkin at the World Triathlon Age Group Championships In Hamburg

Her accomplishments at the World Triathlon Age Group Championships not only highlight Maddie's talents as an athlete, but also validate the efficacy and benefits of CorVive's products. The company remains committed to supporting athletes globally, providing top-tier, trustworthy products to enhance performance and health.

About Maddie Perkins

Maddie Perkins is a force to be reckoned with in the triathlon community. As a Division I athlete, she has consistently demonstrated her prowess, commitment, and unparalleled drive in the field of athletics. Hailing from the United States, Maddie's performance at national and international competitions has placed her on the global stage, garnering acclaim from spectators and peers alike. Beyond her athletic capabilities, Maddie is a passionate advocate for wellness and healthy living, firmly believing in the transformative power of good nutrition on performance. She credits much of her success to her diligent training and disciplined use of CorVive's range of high-quality health products.

About CorVive

Founded by Jeremy Fouts, CorVive is a leading wellness company committed to formulating products that empower people to live healthier, longer, and more fulfilling lives. CorVive's comprehensive approach to wellness focuses on quality, transparency, and innovation, creating a range of products that cater to the wellness needs of individuals across the globe.

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