CorVive Sets New Standards in Wellness with the Launch of the ENERGY Trio Enhanced with CarnoSyn(R) Beta-Alanine

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PLANO, TX / ACCESSWIRE / April 23, 2024 /  CorVive is revolutionizing the wellness landscape with its latest innovation, the ENERGY Trio  supplement pack. This unique offering combines three dynamic flavors-Cherry Crush, Orange Berry Blast, and Pineapple Punch-in one convenient package, designed to enhance mental focus and physical endurance for everyone from high-performance athletes to busy parents.

At the heart of the ENERGY Trio's formula is CarnoSyn® beta-alanine , a patented ingredient discovered by Dr. Roger Harris, renowned for his research in muscle endurance and fatigue. Dr. Harris, who also pioneered the benefits of creatine for muscle building, identified that ingesting CarnoSyn® beta-alanine helps increase muscle carnosine levels significantly, optimizing athletic performance beyond the ordinary constraints of diet.

Energy Supplement

"CarnoSyn® beta-alanine is a game-changer in nutritional science," states Jeremy Fouts , Founder of CorVive. "By incorporating this potent ingredient into the ENERGY Trio, we are providing our customers with a product that not only boosts energy but does so in a way that supports sustained physical performance and recovery."

The ENERGY Trio is engineered not just to uplift but to support a cycle of performance and recovery, making it an essential ally in anyone's daily regimen. Each flavor in the pack is crafted to ensure that taking your supplement is as enjoyable as it is beneficial, turning daily health routines into a delightful, flavorful experience.

Energy Supplement

This all-in-one supplement pack is designed for easy integration into any lifestyle, ensuring that staying energized and focused can be as simple as reaching into your bag. With the ENERGY Trio, CorVive is setting new standards for what wellness supplements can achieve, combining exceptional taste with unparalleled functional benefits.

About CorVive:

Launched by Jeremy Fouts, CorVive is a leading name in health and wellness, dedicated to innovating products that deliver clean, effective, and enjoyable solutions. The brand commits to enhancing individual health journeys with products backed by science and driven by results.

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