Two glasses of Pomegranate Hydrate Mocktail

Pomegranate Hydrate Mocktail

Written by: Chris Abraham



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Pomegranate Hydrate Mocktail

Prep time

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5 min


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Elevate your gatherings with a refreshment that combines sophistication and hydration. Our Pomegranate Hydrate Mocktail is a delightful sip of elegance for any occasion.

Garnish your glass with a fresh rosemary sprig and let the vibrant flavors dance on your palate. Whether you're celebrating or simply savoring the moment, our Pomegranate Hydrate Mocktail is your perfect companion. Raise your glass to taste, to style, and to hydration! 🍹🌿💧


  • Fresh rosemary sprigs
  • Pomegranate perils
  • 3 Sticks of Cor Hydrate (pomegranate)
  • 8 Oz. Sparkling water


Step 1

Mix 2 stick packs of pomegranate hydrate with 16 ounces of water.

Step 2

Place rosemary sprigs and pomegranate perils in an ice tray, top with mixed hydrate and freeze overnight.

Step 3

Mix 1 stick of pomegranate hydrate with 8 ounces sparkling water.

Step 4

Place 1 ice cube in glass and pour hydrate over the top.

Pomegranate Hydrate Mocktail