Blue Raspberry Blast Party Punch

Written by: Chris Abraham



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Kick off any gathering with the effervescent zing of our Blue Raspberry Blast Party Punch! This isn't just any ordinary drink; it's a fusion of delightful taste and health-centric mindfulness. Crafted with the refreshing essence of sparkling water and enriched with blue raspberry's tantalizing flavor, this punch offers a delectably low-sugar twist that's perfect for health enthusiasts. 

Dive deeper into its unique blend, and you'll uncover the added wonders of NRG from Corvive. Beyond its delightful taste, this punch champions your health – with benefits ranging from liver and gut-friendliness to anti-inflammatory and hormone-balancing properties. So, raise a glass and toast to a drink that delights your palate and nourishes your body!

Prep time

5 min

Cook time

5 min


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Step 1

Mix together sparkling water and 6 pouches of Cor NRG Blue Raspberry.

Step 2

Add ice/chill to desire temp.

Blue Raspberry Blast Party Punch

This beverage is incredibly simple and delicious, and will lift anyone into a party mood!

*Please do not drink if you prefer NOT to have fun.