4 Ingredient Frozen Peach Lemonade

Written by: Chris Abraham



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4 Ingredient Frozen Peach Lemonade

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Easy Breezy Peachy Lemonade Freeze 🍑🍋


Who knew four simple ingredients could be this refreshing? Dive into a burst of peachy goodness mixed with zesty lemon in this frozen delight. Plus, with that kick from the lemon NRG + Focus, you're not just sipping on a delicious drink but also getting that energy boost to power through your day. Perfect for those warm days or when you just need a pick-me-up. So simple, so good. Cheers!


•1/4 C. Frozen peaches

•1 T. Honey

•1 T. Fresh lemon juice 

•1 Stick pack of NRG + Focus  (lemon)

•1 C. Water (Add ice if needed for texture)


Step 1

Add all of the ingredients to a blender & blend until smooth.


4 Ingredient Frozen Peach Lemonade