4 Ways To Stave Off That Holiday Weight Gain

Written by: Chris Abraham



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Whether you go big during winter holidays or love digging into Halloween candy, celebrations in the last months of the year can make you gain weight. Savory meals and sweet treats are popular around this time of year, but you can stave off that holiday weight gain. With some diligence, you can enjoy all the holidays have to offer without derailing your weight goals.

Pay Attention to Portion Sizes

If you want to stave off weight gain during the holidays, manage your portion sizes. Whether you’re out for meals with friends and family or snacking at home, it can be easy to overload your plate. You don’t have to totally restrict yourself from tasty food during the holidays, but consider measuring out portions according to their nutritional value.

Move Your Body

Exercise isn’t just about burning calories—it can improve your mood and help you shake off sluggishness. Even if you’re just going for a walk or doing yoga, you should take the time to move your body each day. Exercising also helps you digest food by stimulating the metabolism.

Sleep, Sleep, Sleep

Another thing you can do to stave off holiday weight gain is to get a healthy amount of sleep. It’s easy to stay up late over the holidays, having fun and playing games with friends and family. However, you shouldn’t compromise your sleep to have fun. Sleep deprivation can shift your appetite, affecting how your body digests food. Aim for eight hours of quality sleep, and don’t forget to nap if you need it!

Watch Your Drinks

The holidays are full of foods that can pack on the calories, but people tend to forget that drinks do the same thing. Sugary sodas, cocktails, and festive ales are full of empty calories that can add up quickly. Opt for water, tea, and coffee to stay hydrated and manage your fluid calorie intake down.

These are only some ways to stave off holiday weight gain. Another method is managing your gut biome. At CorVive, our extensive selection of healthy gut supplements can help you stay on top of your weight while enjoying the holiday celebrations.