Pot O'Gold

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Pot O'Gold

Prep time

10 min

Cook time

10 min


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The Pot O'Gold is a refreshing and invigorating beverage that marries the zestful tang of citrus with the lively fizz of sparkling water, creating a drink that sparkles with the promise of energy and refreshment. At its heart, this concoction features a robust foundation of freshly squeezed orange juice, enhanced by the effervescent charm of lemon-lime flavored sparkling water. 

The magic ingredient, Lemon NRG, infuses the blend with a vibrant burst of flavor and vitality, making it an ideal pick-me-up at any time of day. Served over a generous helping of cubed or crushed ice, the drink is both a feast for the eyes and a tonic for the spirit, embodying the very essence of refreshment. Whether you're looking to kick-start your morning with a burst of flavor or seeking a delightful afternoon refresher, the Pot O'Gold is a shimmering beacon of taste and energy, offering a delectable escape into a world of citrusy bliss and bubbly exhilaration.


  • 2 Stick packs of Lemon NRG

  • 4 Oranges

  • Lemon-Lime flavored sparkling water


Step 1

Cut the oranges in half. Juice the oranges to yield about 1 C. of orange juice. 

Step 2

Strain the juice to remove any pulp, if you like.

Step 3

Mix the NRG with the orange juice and split evenly between the 2 glasses.

Step 4

Add cubed or crushed ice to 2 pint glasses.

Step 5

Top with the sparkling water.

Pot O