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CorVive was born out of a passion for performance, and a commitment to providing real results to those who embrace a hardcore lifestyle. Our brand is rooted in the common belief, that success in life requires unwavering dedication. Bottom-line, you’ve gotta do the work. And we’re here to help.

No more gimmicks or empty promises — just pure performance.

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Why Top Athletes are Choosing CorVive

Quality without the Hype

CorVive has always been inspired to keep things simple; it is an integral part of the company’s mission and foundation, especially when it comes to an incredible product line that is easy to follow. CorVive is committed to sourcing clean, all natural ingredients containing no artificial sweeteners or fillers.

Hard. Core. Lifestyle.

CorVive was born out of the simple desire that people deserve better from health and wellness companies. CorVive's goal was a network where anyone could be a part of a program and community that offered education and access to clean nutrition.

Use as a 3-Step System

CorVive has perfected a 3-step system to help you simplify your wellness routine. This simple program is tailored to help you enhance your own personal health goals. By following CorVive’s simple process, you will be providing your body with lots of natural beneficial nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. CorVive's products can help increase energy levels, aid in recovery, and even improve mental clarity. 

It's Time to Train Like You Mean It.

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Portable Stick Packs for On-the-Go


Only The Very Best for Our Body


Acts Fast and Long-Lasting

Don't Just Take Our Word For it.

Lisa R

"NRG+focus for the win. The amazing natural energy boost is not just a physical boost, but mentally as well. It also helps with inflammation, which all goes with my fibromyalgia issues. NRG is a daily lifesaver for me!"

David T

“I’ve enjoyed this journey of feeling better, and losing weight along the way! CorVive’s simple product line is the best!”

Jennifer L

“CorVive’s products have me headed in the right direction. I plan to continue dealing with a positive mindset and working on becoming a better version of myself.”

Jeremy T

"At 46 years old, I was able to use these products to get my health back where I wanted it to be and to get back in shape. I have been using these products for five years now, and at 51, I still feel great!"

Ryan J

"I’ve had them all… liquid IV, LMNT, generic electrolyte packs and these are hands down the best. They taste the best and hydrate just as well if not better than all the others. I’m a big outdoorsman and from AZ. Hydration is a must! I’ve never had any issues with cramps or dehydration while using this. If there were six stars I’d give it that!"

Seth G

"We are so happy with the shakes. My wife uses them as a meal replacement and I use them for adding calories for the day. It is so versatile and the whole family loves the taste! The kids ask for it as a chocolate shake. Highly recommend!"

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