Mario Espinoza

Marketing Coordinator

Mario Espinoza is CorVive’s Online Marketing Manager. With an extensive background in online sales platforms, Mario is constantly looking for ways to improve the customer experience and drive a more dynamic sales interface. Mario has a keen sense of style and promotional prowess that the CorVive team leans heavily on. He has a key role in chaperoning our sales and marketing initiatives through evolving online platforms and social media channels. Having been involved with CorVive from the beginning, Mario has been a fundamental part of ensuring that the CorVive endorsers have the best experience possible when it comes to navigating the social media world. Having been raised in the Rocky Mountains, Mario brings to the CorVive team an unmatched sense of adventure, along with a deep drive to perform at an extremely high level. Mario always ensures that CorVive customers and endorsers experience the best that CorVive has to offer.