Corvive Rewards


This is one of the best parts of CorVive’s fresh approach to making elite wellness affordable for everyone. CorVive loves to reward you for making positive changes and helping others achieve transformation.


Subscribe & Earn:
Customers & Endorsers earn —— 5 POINTS on your FIRST Product Subscription (no minimum purchase required).
Customers & Endorsers earn —— 5 POINTS on every 3rd Product Subscription within 120 days (no minimum purchase required).

Customers ONLY earn ————— 5 POINTS for every personal Product Subscription Purchase between $50-$124.99.
Customers & Endorsers earn —––15 POINTS for every personal Product Subscription Purchase between $125 -$199.99
Customers & Endorsers earn —–– 25 POINTS for every personal Product Subscription Purchase $200+

Celebrate and Earn:

Receive 10 Points on your Birthday Month!

Share & Earn:

Customers & Endorsers earn 10 points for every new personally sponsored Customer that orders $50 at the time of enrollment AND enrolls on Product Subscription.

Earn and Redemption Rules:

  • Reward Points expire 1 year from issue date.
  • Reward Points expire if you cancel your Product Subscription.
  • Reward Points expire if your product subscription drops below a $50.00 subtotal.
  • Reward Points can only be redeemed on Product Subscription purchases.
  • Ach13ve packs and limited time products are excluded from point redemption.
  • Point purchase amounts will not carry commissionable volume; however, volume WILL count toward trip and contest volume.
  • Point value applies to product purchase only, not applicable for tax and shipping.
  • Points are awarded weekly

Free Shipping:

FREE shipping for CUSTOMER Product Subscription orders $125-$749 (before tax and shipping).
FREE shipping on ENDORSER Product Subscription orders over $200 and under $750 (before tax and shipping).

***$4.95 Flat Rate Shipping for CUSTOMER Product Subscription orders under $125 will be honored for all existing customers on subscription (existing customers enrolled prior to Saturday, 03/19/2022). Once a subscription is cancelled the promotion will expire. New subscription profiles will not be eligible for the Flat Rate shipping.

All “Gift Cards” Earned in previous Reward Program have been converted into CorVive Reward Points. Converted Reward points will expire June 15th, 2022.

How to Redeem Reward Points

1. Login to your account Click your name at the top right Click "My Account"

2. You will see your "Customer or Endorser Rewards Points"

3. Enter the amount you want to Transfer to your Product Subscription Point Account in the "Amount" box

4. Click the orange "Transfer" button

5. Click OK You will now have a Product Subscription Rewards Point box! Any Points located in your Product Subscription Points account will AUTOMATICALLY apply to your subscription when it runs! You can Transfer points every time you earn or save them and transfer when ready.

*Max of 200 points can apply per subscription *Please note you will not see your Total change in your Product Subscription Profile; however the points will apply dollar for dollar when the subscription processes.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please reach out to CorVive Support through live chat or email